RootFlute Sound Journey

Please join us on a deep subconscious journey within a safe and activated container.  This hypnotic sound journey, will begin with Ceremonial grade organic Guatemalan Cacao. Participants will be guided into a lucid state with Yoga Nidra. 

Participants have experienced deep subconscious travels, visionary dreamscapes, lucid dreamstate meditations, remembrances and reconnections of self, deep emotional processing, and other healing experiences.  The entire soundscape is rooted in C# Sharp 432 Hz, the Om tone of 136.1 Hz.

The RootFlute Sound Journey includes Hansen’s self-made multi-chamber Flutes, 10 Tibetan singing bowls on elaborate foot pedal system, harmonious vocals, esraj (indian bowed instrument), electric cello, Shakuhachi, Arabian antler clarinet, didgeridoo, pan pipes, antler saxophone, classical guitar, swing chimes,  and entire array of percussion. All Live looped to create vast hypnotics soundscapes that will carry between dimensions of dream and day.

Sound Journey Origins

The RootFlute Sound Journey originally began after the first “Triple Mayan Rack Flute” was created. Hansen discovered that when he played the flute with a person’s head between the chambers, a variety of emotional responses and experiences started occurring. Intrigued and amazed by this unexpected turn in Flute making, Hansen set out to develop and nurture this greater potential.

While teaching flute making at Svaram in Auroville India, the amazing team helped cultivate and materialize Hansen’s vision of an elaborate foot pedal system he uses to this day to play 10 Tibetan singing bowls.

The sound Journey has evolved from the foot-pedal system to include a collection of Hansen‘s self-made multi chamber flutes, harmonious vocals, Esraj (Indian Bowed String Instrument), Shakuhachi,  Antler clarinet and saxophone, didgeridoo, electric cello, swing chimes, tuning forks, Panpipe, and Ukulele.  All live looped to create vast Hypnotic Sound Scapes which carry you between dimensions of dream and day. 

The entire setup is tuned to C# 432 hz 136.1 hz, the exact frequency of Om.
Hansen has offered Sound Journeys all over the Globe and Currently resides in Berkeley Ca.